SX Tailwind is a CSS-in-JS library for React, copying the approach of the CSS framework Tailwind. The CSS-in-JS itself is provided by the SX library. Atomic stylesheets in SX and utility-first in Tailwind CSS are essentially the same approaches, and this allows the benefits of both to be combined.

Simpler setup

Thanks to a pure JS implementation, it is much easier to start using SX Tailwind thanks to skipping PostCSS. And there is no need to configure PurgeCSS either, the resulting CSS will always be optimal.

Type safety

Less typos and debugging thanks to generated types for all CSS classes.

Easy onboarding

There's no need to learn anything new if you already know Tailwind CSS and React. Where in HTML you wrote class="text-gray-900" you'll write sxt="text-gray-900" in React.

See for yourself in the source code of this website.